Nineties Rock

The Nineties were the period when I became aware that most of the bands the younger people I talked to really loved reminded me a lot of someone I’d heard in the Sixties or Seventies. Green Day sounds a bit like The Clash sounds a bit like The Kinks. The Jayhawks sound a bit like R.E.M. sounds a bit like The Byrds. It’s obviously not cloning, but more than in any other form, I’ve found my taste in rock gravitating backwards rather than forwards. As a result, this list doesn’t have a lot to do with the mainstream story. More a compilation of favorites, several by women, who were charting new paths in the rock world, several by Latin artists, several by singers who come as much out of jazz or folk as conventional rock. Gina Arnold’s Route 666: On the Road to Nirvana taught me a lot about what was happening, but I still like Courtney and Hole better than Curt and the guys.