Orishas – Represent Cuba

by admin / Monday, 15 June 2015 / Published in Latin Music
When Orishas sounds the classic hip-hop claim to “represent,” the group’s rapping about more than their individual personas or their home base in Havana, Cuba.  The name pays tribute to the West African spirits who, since the ordeal of Middle Passage, have taken up residence in every corner of the African diaspora, including Paris where Orishas recorded their seminal album, A Lo Cubano in 2000.  For devotees of African-based religions like Santeria and Candomblé, each of the orishas embodies a particular kind of psychic and spiritual energy, each with an associated set or rhythms, that bind a community or musical group together.  Comprised of Roldán, Ruzzo and Yotuel (and on this cut departed member Flaco-Pro), Orishas manifest the vision via the conscious lyrics that have allowed them to reach audiences in Europe and the U.S. as well as in their native land where they were the first hip hop group to receive the official approval of the Castro government.  Follow up “Represent” with “Naci Orishas” and “Canto Para Elewa y Changó.”

Orishas - Represent Cuba