Carla Morrison – Eres Tu

by admin / Monday, 01 June 2015 / Published in Latin Music

Simply beautiful.  Carla Morrison writes and sings songs that, like the best of Motown or Patsy Cline (who she names as one of her inspirations), don’t need much explanation.  Melodies haunting, production polished but never dull.  And then there’s Morrison’s voice, holding back, moving forward, finding the hidden dimensions of her lyrics, transforming what might at first listen seem like generic pop into shimmering layers of emotional complexity.  Born in Baja California, Morrison (whose last name comes the English migrant mother who adopted her father) has traversed the border, studying music in Arizona before returning to Mexico to launch her career.  After several collaborations and EPs, Morrison released her defining album, Déjenme Llorar, in 2012.   Unapologetic, uncompromising and just-plain-sweet, “Eres Tú” (Are you?) has already established itself as a standard for gay weddings.  Follow up with “Hasta La Piel” and “Disfruto.”

Carla Morrison - Eres Tu