Latin Music

workshop-instrumentsThere’s no such thing as Latin music and this is a page to celebrate its multicultural, multilingual diversity: musicians and songs flowing out of Latin America, the Latin communities of the U.S. and the Philippines with some southern European and North African spice mixed in.

The page began when music writer Thom Jurek of observed in an on-line conversation that there was a huge amount of Latin music that would enrich the lives of people who didn’t encounter it in the normal rhythms of their experience. With that in mind we’re resisting the temptation to wax “educational” and letting the music speak for itself. We’ll be posting a new video every Monday or Tuesday. It’ll be worth the bookmark.

The Latin Music page is a production of the (very) loosely affiliated Latin Music Appreciation Alliance: Thom Jurek, Sue Martinez, Dave Marsh, Juan Gonzalez, Johanna Almiron, CJ Janovy, Roberto Rivera, LaLa Bolander, Craig Werner, Daniel Wolff, Danny Alexander, Ernie Perez, and the members of the Strat discussion group and Friday Night Music Club.